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Shufrans TechDocs is the authorised reseller for Acrolinx ASD-STE100 solution module – a flexible checker that supports writers in all industries to write in Simplified Technical English. The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and S1000D require the use of ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English.



Why select an Acrolinx solution?


Acrolinx is a powerful tool that helps companies and their technical writing teams ensure compliance in their documentation writing practices. The ASD-STE100 solution module helps to monitor content creation and is most suitable for forward-looking companies that aim to significantly reduce their content translation costs, content ambiguity and complexity.


The ASD-STE100 solution module is a comprehensive application that helps technical writers to improve readability, consistency and tone of their documentation. It gives authors access to best-practice writing standards, editing help, customised corporate terminology and style guides that eventually contribute to overall content quality.




Features of the ASD-STE100 solution module include:

  • Integration into authoring tools including:
    • Office
    • XML Editors
    • Creative Suite


  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Intelligent re-use
  • Rules can be customised to support style guides etc.
  • Support for custom integration
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Shufrans TechDocs offers its customers the following services in this field:

Corporate Terminology Management

Dictionary Building

Certified ASD-STE100 Training Workshops


Our team has helped customers in the following industries to successfully implement Simplified Technical English :




Consumer products




Medical equipment


Railway maintenance



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Disclaimer notice:

No tool automatically corrects sentences to comply with Simplified Technical English. Checker tools help their users write according to STE principles, suggesting revisions and corrections during the writing process. The decision to incorporate any suggestion, or keep the original sentence is entirely up to the technical writer. For maximum benefits, you should attend a Simplified Technical English training workshop before you start using a checker tool. The tool cannot replace the writer, although it can certainly assist him.