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Consistent terminology management is an important trademark of most well-written and widely-understood documentation. By removing uncommon technical terms, redundant synonyms and technical jargon, document readability will be greatly improved.





At Shufrans TechDocs, our terminologists and linguists can help you compile your own list of approved and unapproved company-specific terms, based on existing documentation and glossaries.

Terminology management brings about:

Improved documentation quality and consistency

Reader-friendly text

Reduced translation costs

More efficient translation processes


Our terminology management model is as follows:

Terminology analysis

Our terminologist will analyse all relevant documentation to define the scope of your corporate terminology.

Terminology review

We will review the newly created terminology with the client to ensure information accuracy and integrity.

Dictionary building

Our terminologist will define every term and its part of speech to create a corporate dictionary.


The corporate dictionary will serve as a key reference for all your technical content creation needs. Customised dictionaries that are specific to your customers, projects or products can also be built by us. Therefore, it is possible to include non-approved technical terms in the dictionary, in which case technical writers can use alternative words that have similar meanings.

However, if your organisation would like to adhere closely to ASD-STE100 writing standards, we can certainly help you define your own list of ASD-STE100 compliant technical terms names and verbs.


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