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An important aspect of content development is technical writing. At Shufrans TechDocs, we focus on clarity in documentation. Therefore, we ensure that language is not an obstacle for users to read and understand the information to be conveyed.



Our team of experienced writers creates, edits and proofreads all types of technical publications, including:


Technical publications

  • Data sheets
  • Installation manuals
  • Job cards
  • Operator manuals
  • Quick reference manuals
  • Service Bulletins (SB)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Training manuals
  • Troubleshooting manuals (TSM)
  • User manuals

Aerospace and defense publications

  • Aerospace and defense publications
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM)
  • Aircraft Schematic Manuals (ASM)
  • Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM)
  • Crew manuals
  • Data modules development & editing based on the ASD-STE100 standard
  • Flight Operations Manuals (FOM)
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP)

Scientific publications

  • Medical journals
  • Patents
  • Scientific articles







Using international writing standards such as ASD-STE100 (Simplified Technical English), we help you ensure compliance where necessary while improving the consistency of your documentation and the possible re-use of previously created content. In addition, our terminology managementmethods ensure the correct and consistent use of your company-specific terms.

With over 20 years of relevant industry experience, our technical writing team takes pride in creating high quality content based on current international writing standards. As a result of our proven track record in addressing industry and corporate content development needs, many international companies entrust us with their documentation needs.

We are experienced in handling documentation according to specific regulatory, legal and technical requirements, including:

Shufrans’ other writing-related services include translation, DTP (page layout), publishing, typesetting and file format conversion. For more information, please refer to Technical Translations, DTP / Publishing and Document Conversion. The use of standards such as TMX, TBX, Unicode, CGM, XML and SGML ensures compatibility and an easy exchange of data.





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Shufrans works with customers from the aerospace, defense, automotive, machinery and electronics industries. We have led development programs for customers worldwide, including BAE Systems, Boeing, EADS, Eurocopter, Embraer, GMF Aero-Asia, Rolls-Royce and Fuji Heavy Industries.





  • I have worked with Frans for a number of years now, first as a collaborator and later, alas, as a competitor. I have no hesitation in recommending him for his abilities as a linguist, polyglot, and technical innovator. In addition, he is an accomplished speaker, and a great salesman for his products. As someone who works closely with the ASD Simplified Technical English writing standard, I have been impressed with the breadth and depth of his knowledge of that subject. He is a world leader in the implementation of Controlled Language processes. So I am very happy to endorse him.
    Rick Wojcik Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing
  • I know Frans from our involvement in a collaboration between companies to develop and market controlled language checking technology. Frans showed great talent and efficiency as a technology developer and communicator of technical ideas. He is fluent in multiple human and computer languages and his understanding of the principles of controlled language writing and clear communication enable him to provide great value to his customers.
    Phil Harrison Advanced Computing Technologist, Boeing
  • Frans' expertise in simplified English and teaching it to non-English speakers is of great help for aviation community. His high level of experience, professionalism and integrity together with an excellent knowledge of several languages are a true gift for those working with him. I strongly recommend him and endorse him. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
    Vladimir Karakusevic Boeing, USA
  • The Simplified Technical English course content and requirements provided by Shumin Chen were an absolute good fit with the TCLoc Master's program. A technical communicator has to know about the existing specifications for technical documentation. Furthermore, this course helps the students to acquire new skills in order to enhance the accuracy and clarity of contents.
    TCLoc Master's Student University of Strasbourg
  • Followed this course last February and truly learned a lot. Shumin is very experienced and really knows what she is talking / teaching about. Recommended for all manual writers!
    Hans Harlé Entecst Technical Communication
  • The goals and expectations of the course were laid out clearly. My favourite STE rule was rule 4.2: Do not omit words or use contractions to make your sentences shorter. I tend to shorten sentences as much as possible so I had to pay extra attention each time to ensure accuracy. I've found the course to be very interesting, and Shumin has conveyed the message very well. It would be great if we had more time to go through more assignments during class.
    TCLoc Master's Student University of Strasbourg
  • The course was intellectually challenging and stimulating. "Less is more" as an STE principle is something that I quite like :). For a beginner, there is quite a lot of material to process, and study in a short time. On the plus side, Shumin presented the material intelligibly and gave sufficient number of examples during her lectures. Her presentations were very well-prepared, and I enjoyed her classes. 🙂
    TCLoc Master's Student Technical Communication and Localization
  • I have found Shumin to be a very patient and knowledgeable instructor! This is a great course that offers me an in-depth look into all of the technical English writing rules. I will recommend this course to everyone!
    Consultant, Technical Writer Sigma Technology Information AB
  • Shumin is a reference in the STE field. As a neophyte, I can hardly give you an advice. I regularly check your post on YouTube and I learn a lot from the videos and articles you post on the Internet. One word–continue. The best lesson I learnt is: Never use a long word where a short one will do. This rule forces the writer to be simple, yet concise. It is the golden rule of STE.
    TCLoc Master's Student Master in Technical Communication and Localization
  • Working with Shumin is a great pleasure because of her professional approach. Her knowledge of STE is excellent and with her pragmatic approach she helps companies to improve. Our trainees rated Shumin all with excellent. If you consider to train your staff in STE, I highly recommend Shumin.
    Henk Wijnands Founding Partner & Commercial Director, Foxiz BV
  • Thanks for this course. I learned a lot and would have liked to spend more time improving these skills. My takeaway? Simplify and remove whatever is unnecessary.
    TCLoc Master's Student University of Strasbourg
  • I fully appreciate the advantages and benefits of implementing international language standards to our documentation. My favourite technical English writing rule is to only use company-approved terminology in addition to the general vocabulary that is offered by the Simplified Technical English specification. The technical English writing rules were clearly presented during this webinar. Overall, I have found this webinar to be useful for my work and Shumin responded well to all my questions and clarified the doubts I had before taking this course.
    Senior Technical Writer Technical Documentation Development, IT, Kaspersky Lab
  • My favorite STE writing rules: * Rule 1.9 and Rule 1.10 When you must select a technical name, use one which is short and easy to understand. Both rules ensure a better understanding of technical contents. * Rule 3.6 Do not use a past participle with a helping verb to make a complex verb. Past tenses may be adequate for marketing texts due to stylistic reasons, but not for technical contents, where precision and clarity play a major role. * Rule 5.1 Keep procedural sentences as short as possible. The description of procedures in technical manuals has to be as simple as possible to avoid confusing the reader.
    TCLoc Master's Student University of Strasbourg
  • I attended a two-day ASD-STE100 training workshop by Shumin. She presented the materials clearly and succinctly with sound and logical written examples. There was a good balance of worksheet exercises and individual rewriting tasks. We explored certain topics and asked critical questions related to standard technical writing practices which were well discussed during this workshop. Shumin seems like a kind and well-educated trainer who has an answer for every question. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
    Frank Omvlee Technical Publication Engineer, B/E Aerospace
  • "No phrasal verbs" is my favorite rule. Forming phrasal verbs in the English language remains as one of my biggest challenges in English grammar. STE Rule 9.3 makes it easier for me to fully understand technical English sentences.
    TCLoc Master's Student Technical Communication and Localization
  • I was at first skeptical of the advantages that STE will bring as it seemed to have mainly been used in the aerospace & defence industry. This intensive three-day training course has changed my opinion and certainly helped to sharpen my technical writing skills tremendously! Top Qualitites: Cheaper, faster, and better translations.
    Brian Cho Head of Language Services Division, HansemEUG
  • The ASD-STE100 course I attended by Shumin was very intensive yet enjoyable. Besides the standard format and company templates used when creating documentation, STE rules helped me understand that there is an alternative approach to technical writing. By shrinking the size of my vocabulary, I am effectively using only one word for one purpose. With STE, my goal is to focus on what I would like to communicate effectively, rather than to simply place information into a template.
    Mehmet Emin Ozmen Manufacturing Engineer, FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş.
  • Airbus is widely known to have strict STE quality checks that are difficult to meet for outside suppliers. Learning how to optimally use a documentation standard like ASD-STE100 is a substantial boost to our technical writing team’s capabilities and significantly improved our compliance rating!
    Raja Sureshbabu Global Head of Aerospace Vertical, Tata Consultancy Services
  • This Simplified Technical English (STE) workshop has equipped me with the right kind of STE knowledge and skill sets to move forward confidently in my role as a technical writing team leader. I am glad that I was able to attend this course!
    Team Leader Technical Writing, Hansem EUG
  • I have a great pleasure to work with Shumin Chen on a number of complex technical translation projects. She is very talented, efficient and dependable, making sure to meet and exceed the customer's expectations.
    Anouar Koutchoukali Owner, A Propos Vertaalbureau
  • I am glad to say the STE course attended by team was really satisfactory. Feedback is very positive and we will be interested in repeating the experience in a near future. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time
    Felix Donoso Translation Manager, arvato technical information S.L.
  • Shumin possesses an in-depth knowledge of the English language and of Simplified Technical English (STE). We covered a lot of ground in the area of STE within a short time!
    Berry Jansen Senior Technical Author, Triview
  • Personally, it became clearer to me that STE is a language that one can learn to pick up. This includes the standard vocabulary and customised dictionary that is built for every company or product. In other words, STE is a ‘way of life’ in the field of technical writing and documentation. The ASD-STE100 exercises covered a wide spectrum of topics from choosing between approved and non-approved words to recreating documentation in STE. Shumin expertly guided us from classroom learning mode to real-life practical application of STE rules. The materials that she presented were informative and very convincing. Top Qualities: Practical, Convincing, Informative
    Martin Broekhuis Technical Editor, Webasto
  • The introduction to the ASD-STE100 gave me a nice and clear overview of what to expect in the two training days that followed. Consistent language and spelling in STE are the rules I like best. The list of approved and unapproved verbs was a nice surprise for me. Shumin gave a highly practical STE training using relevant and pragmatic examples that relate closely to our field of work.
    Maikel Kornuit Technical Writer, Triview
  • I found all the STE rules to be highly beneficial for my work and certainly look forward to start applying Simplified English rules by using the ASD-STE100 specification. The two-day workshop conducted by Shumin has taught me how to use the STE rules correctly and apply them in the appropriate context. Everything has been explained very clearly.
    Tina Kosman Safety Engineer, De Boer Machines
  • Shumin introduced the very interesting concept of a controlled language in the form of Simplified Technical English (STE). My favourite STE rule is to use approved words from the dictionary only as the part of speech given. In the two-day duration, we were able to familiarise ourselves with all the STE rules as well as practical steps for implementation of this controlled language standard. Shumin is very capable of explaining STE concepts in a brief but accurate manner, giving us easy access to a highly technical subject. Love the humour you inject in between lines! Top Qualities: Concise, Personable, Knowledgeable
    Lycke Koersen Marketing Coordinator, Maats Pipeline Equipment
  • The Simplified Technical English workshop has been most informative and clear. The list of approved and non-approved technical helped me a lot in my work. Most of the classroom exercises were well-paced as Shumin has a very structured approach to discussing these exercises in a suitable order. She speaks with a very clear voice that facilitates understanding.
    Gieljan Smits Product Designer & Engineer, Maats Pipeline Equipment
  • Shumin gave a two-day ASD-STE100 training to standardize and improve the language used by technical authoring personnel. I learnt a great deal in terms of advantageous STE writing rules for the authoring of technical manuals. Thank you once again for the excellent training!
    Fatih Ülger Product Support Engineer, FNSS Defence Systems
  • As advisor to her ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English on-the job-training, Shumin adopts a very structured approach to learning. She observes, absorbs and analyses to come up with relevant and insightful questions as well as ideas regarding the subject matter and improved ASD-STE100 training methods. Shumin is a very driven and highly intelligent professional who works very well either independently or as part of a team. She has strong analytical skills and expresses herself very well both verbally and in writing. Her sense of responsibility and passion about achieving the set objectives while meeting and exceeding clients' expectations is very inspiring and is a great asset to the company and its customers alike.
    Dr. Frans Wijma ILS expert, trainer & consultant, Shufra Ltd
  • Best STE rules for my learning are: - Use simple verb tenses - Put commands first in warnings and cautions - Use active voice - Do not use present participles or gerund.
    TCLoc Master's Student University of Strasbourg
  • Frans gave our group of three teams training in Simplified Technical English. He was engaging as a speaker and really made the 2-day training enjoyable and worthwhile. I didn't think we all could use the new ways of writing and thinking that he was teaching, but everyone got on board right away. We continue to use the skills that Frans taught us, with the same type of enthusiasm he brought to the group during training. This was probably the best training I've had at Check Point, in either technical or professional subjects. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
    Rochelle Fisher Team Leader, Check Point Software Technologies
  • I attended a Simplified English course given by Frans in Israel. He’s an excellent presenter, making the subject relevant and interesting. Frans provided expert advice on how to implement the Simplified English standard. Following the seminar, I have a much better understanding of the topic, which is already helping me and my team in our ongoing documentation projects. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
    Yehonatan (Yoni) Palmer Director, Documentation Solutions, ECI
  • Shumin is a supportive and approachable manager, colleague and friend. She possesses excellent linguistic, communication and presentation skills. She is able to communicate well and is eloquent on the international platform and is able to exercise professional inter-cultural sensitivities.
    Dennis Yeo Learning Advocate, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • No doubt for Frans knowledge of simplified technical English. It's really useful in my job. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
    Jumadi Timotius Simangunsong Aircraft Engine Maintenance Planning Engineer, GMF AeroAsia
  • I've worked with Shumin Chen when she was a Localization Program Manager for large projects into multiple languages. She was always very professional and confident. I would work with her again in the future.
    Ulisses Bognar Account Manager, All Tasks
  • Shumin is personable and easy to work with, so it was great to work together on aviation management related events during her tenure. She is a good communicator, and a consultative manager who would often involve others in problem solving, team building, and focuses her time on more important activities while providing proper recognition, which I am appreciative of.
    Joyce Tay Senior Executive, Programme & Event Management at Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
  • Frans provided a multi-day training on STE in my company, Hansem EUG, and impressed every participant with his profound expertise in the subject matter and his kind and witty manner which had made the training much more enjoyable. I am glad to have known him and expect to have a sound, professional relationship for our mutual benefit.
    Yangsook Kim CEO, Hansem EUG
  • Lufthansa Systems FlightNav Inc. Zürich recommends the professional and qualified ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English training provided by Dr. Frans Wijma from Shufra Consultancy
    Juergen Kuhnhenn Head of Lido/RouteManual Standards bei Lufthansa Systems
  • I had the pleasure of working alongside Shumin for several projects during her time at the Singapore Aviation Academy. She is what I would call a balanced manager - always keeping a cool head regardless of the obstacles we had faced as a division. Her outstanding abilities include bringing inspiration to her team and her effortless presentation skills.
    Nasuha Rahim Executive, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
  • I worked with Frans on a project for translation for technical manuals. It was a pleasure to work with him and he was very professional. He responded to our queries quickly and informatively and he was an asset to have on the project, as he has a vast knowledge of technical translation. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time.
    Juliette Grant International CH-47 Logistics Specialist, Boeing
  • Frans has rare skills in global demand - indeed when I met him he was spending much of his time crossing oceans to find creative foreign language solutions for his clients' advanced technical publications challenges. Frans has a special knack for understanding the Asian markets and his brilliant decision to develop business out of Singapore should serve him well regardless of the economic climate. I wish him all the best of success.
    Tim Gottschalk Consultant, Boeing
  • Frans is an exceptionnally talented linguist, in addition to an excellent marketing and technical representative for his company. Boeing has had the pleasure of working with Frans as the liaison for our activities and hopes to continue having him support us in that role and any future role he may have with the company.
    Ligia McLean International Business Mgr., The Boeing Company
  • Frans Wijma has done excellent work for The Boeing Company in providing translation, translation system design, custom translation processing software, translation tool training, and translation system troubleshooting and tuning. He is familiar with the data structures of technical publications and has the ability to create solutions for interfacing the customers data with translation aid systems. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.
    Mike Case Boeing