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Shufrans TechDocs provides technical translation and localisation services from and into all languages.


Through our cost saving and terminology management strategies, we endeavour to provide the highest quality technical translation at low cost from and into all languages, including:


North America

South America

East Asia

English Spanish Simplified Chinese
French Brazilian Portuguese Traditional Chinese
Spanish French Japanese


Southeast Asia

South Asia

Middle East

Indonesian Hindi Arabic
Malay Pashtu Turkish
Tagalog Punjabi Farsi
Thai Tamil Hebrew
Vietnamese Urdu


Eastern Europe



Russian Albanian Estonian
Polish Bulgarian Latvian
Czech Croatian Lithuanian
Slovak Serbian
Hungarian Slovenian


Northern Europe

Southern Europe

Western Europe

Danish Greek Dutch
Finnish Italian English
Norwegian Portuguese German
Swedish Spanish French

Many international companies in various industries entrust us with their documentaton, ranging from websites, software, eLearning and marketing materials to technical documentation, including user manuals, service manuals, parts catalogues and other technical publications.


Using our worldwide network of experienced technical translators, all of whom translate into their native language and pair technical knowledge with linguistic skills, we provide high-quality translations at affordable prices. With our vast global network, we make optimum use of resources to deliver your translations on time.

We use industry-standard translation tools to re-use previously translated text. This means that every sentence only needs to be translated once. If the same sentence appears again, the translator will in most cases use the same translation again, thus saving cost and time while improving consistency.



Our terminology management methods ensure the correct and consistent use of your company-specific terms. To see how to control terminology in your source documents, please refer to ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English.

Together with its worldwide network of professional technical translators, Shufrans’ in-house translation management team can help you accelerate your market growth and business expansion plans.


You deliver the best quality content to your audience, we make it happen for you.




Post-translation services

Shufrans’ post-translation services include DTP (page layout), publishing, typesetting and file format conversion. The use of standards such as TMX, TBX, Unicode, CGM, XML and SGML ensures compatibility and an easy exchange of data.




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