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Whether your organisation sells products or offers technical services, there is always a great amount of logistic information and product data around, whether created in-house or externally. It is a challenge to keep these documents consistent while ensuring company-wide access to your data. Yet, complete, accurate and timely documentation is a must for companies who value quality.

HiCo-ICS provides all-in, innovative Content Management Systems and modular software elements for integration within your existing system environment.

Shufrans TechDocs is an authorised partner offering the wide range of enterprise IT-solutions for industry, authorities and communities with support of international standards such as ASD S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200 by HiCo-ICS. All products are scalable and can thus be used at major enterprises, as well as at small and medium-sized businesses and as single-workstation solutions


No two industries are alike

No two industries have the same needs, so we configure specific solutions for each industry we work in. This gives you the best chance of finding the solution that meets all your requirements.

We provide scalable and flexible solutions for a range of industries:

defence Equipment Manufacturing

  • defence MRO
  • Commercial Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Aerospace MRO
  • Airlines
  • Energy, Construction and Automotive
  • Shipping

We focus on user-friendly, efficient creation and maintenance of information as well as on the continuity of processes without format change.

Based on open standards like XML and SGML, HiCo-ICS develops software solutions for the creation , management and publication of structured technical publications, services, and product information. Existing applications and information resources integrate seamlessly widens the usage scope within company-wide overall solutions.


Adjustable to your company

Our easy-to-operate, flexible, and resource-saving solutions are helping many of the world’s leading companies improve the way they work.


How our modular solutions work

Because your business and work processes are unique, our solutions are modular, allowing you to create the perfect system to fit your work processes. Whether you’re looking for a single product or a complete end-to-end solution, HiCo-ICS can take care of any specific part of the process or deliver the entire system – from the input to the distribution phases.Our easy-to-operate, flexible, and resource-saving solutions are helping many of the world’s leading companies improve the way they work.


1. The central application for Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) & technical documentation

The HiCo iLS.Suite™ is the central application by HiCo-ICS for Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Technical Documentation. The HiCo iLS.Suite™ integrates data from existing applications and information resources and ensures access to integrated logistic product information for programme and ILS managers. The focus is on the standard-compliant integration of data from different ILS segments like Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), Material Management and Technical Publications. The HiCo iLS.Suite™ is also the central system for the customer support for operational and maintenance feedback.

Being the core system for the HiCo iLS.Suite, the HiCo ietdSuite® is an SGML/XML based Component Content-Management-System (CCMS) for the creation and management of Technical Publications. The HiCo ietdSuite® an be used as an overall system for integration and processing of technical-logistic product and service information.


The range of functions of the HiCo ietdSuite® is enhanced with the following specific modules and is available as HiCo iLS.Suite™ for integration and processing of technical-logistic product and service information:

  • LSA Integration
  • Integrated Material Management
  • Programme Management & Management Info System
  • Delivery Management & Performance Tracking
  • Configuration & Change Management
  • Enhanced Quality Management Solution
  • Knowledge base & Terminology

The LSA Integration module manages results from Supportability Engineering as well as from Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) which are prepared with external tools like e.g. Windchill Quality Solutions by PTC. First, the results are imported and the data is harmonized with LSA systems and Technical Publications. Afterwards, with the relevant LSA and project specific information for Technical Publications, data modules for further processing are generated.

The Integrated Material Management enables the neutral management of material data independent from the chosen ASD or ATA standard. The data can be summarized to material lists or spare part lists. Materials can be exported or imported comfortably via specific processes and also be updated automatically. Additional checks allow a quick identification of data errors and the module acts as an interface to processes and systems from external material administration.

Technical Publications, which are available from different projects in the HiCo ietdSuite® in structured form, can be managed together with unstructured publications, externally created by suppliers and be prepared for end-users with the Program Management & Management Information System. The products, fleets or series from the belonging programs can be managed additionally to illustrate the current configuration state.

The Delivery Management & Performance Tracking module manages all ingoing and outgoing data deliveries to or from ILS programs and publication projects and saves them in a permanent and explicitly traceable way. The specific deliveries including delivery notes can be traced explicitly, even when the delivery dates back a longer time.

The Configuration and Change Management manages the whole change history of products and components. Additionally, confirmed remarks and changes about Technical Publications from the online or offline usage systems are harmonized and provided to the technical author to make use of the changes.

The Enhanced Quality Management Solution provides functions for planning and managing quality assurance reviews. This means the management of deliveries (needs the module Delivery Management & Performance Tracking) and the collection of all automatically generated and manually created test protocols. These are summarized in a test record and can be transferred to the specific suppliers centrally.

For automatic test processes different Business Process Packages for established standards for Technical Publications and e-Business / Material Management like ASD S1000D and S2000M as well as ATA iSpec2200 and Spec2000 are available.

Through a relation matrix, relations within the HiCo iLS.Suite™ can be visualized within the module Knowledge Base, including terminology. The relations and their types can be defined in a way that only “useful” relations can be built within the matrix. In addition, terminologies for supporting authors in the development of technical documentations can be created and managed.

Product Version:

  • HiCo iLS.Suite™ v6.x

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • HiCo X-Publisher® 3.5.1 (for SGML-projects, print preview and rendering of PDF and MS Word)

Runs on:

  • Clients:
    • Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32-Bit)
    • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Server:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32-Bit und 64-Bit)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (32-Bit und 64-Bit)
    • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32-Bit)
    • Microsoft Windows 7 (32-Bit und 64-Bit)

For legally-binding information to the system requirements and operating conditions refer to the ReleaseNotes as well as to the user manual approved by HiCo-ICS.

2. An up-to-date CMS for technical publications

HiCo ietdSuite® represents the central solution in administering an editing process of Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD). It is a substantial, extremely flexible, cost-effective and easy to operate content management system.

The software is characterised by a central information source offering the user control on each component level.

  • Management of complex information and contents
  • Optimisation of documentation and publication processes
  • Time and cost saving by standardized, quality-assured information filing
  • Future-proof data stocks due to the use of standardised data formats such as SGML, XML, CGM, SVG, PDF
  • Reduced maintenance expenditure for documents, data and illustrations thanks to the single source principle
  • Documentation can be expanded and adapted quickly and easily
  • Quick start made possible by standardised templates and style sheets
  • Support of international standards such as ASD S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200
  • Re-usability of illustrations and documents
  • Incorporation of latest Microsoft .NET technologies
Project Specific Set of
All project relevant settings can be defined in the “Business Rules” section. These control the overall behaviour of the applications and ensure that the users are solely allowed to create “correct” documentations.
Intuitive User Interface The user interface is divided into modules and functional groups and shows the user only those functions that are applicable for the currently selected object.
Central Data Management All pieces of information are centrally stored and can be related to each other any time. Thus, documents and illustrations can be easily re-used across projects.
Rights and Roles Support of users, roles, companies.
Import and Export A variety of import and export mechanisms allows existing data to be easily imported and certain states of documentation to be exported to different formats, like PDF or MS Word, and different viewing devices like HiCo X-Browser®, IETP-X, generic HTML.
Integration A standardized connector application provides simple ways of integrating third party products. Special interfaces for HiCo X-Process®, HiCo X-Browser® und HiCo X-Publisher® complete the package.
Link Management The system assures that only functional links are inserted and that all links are adapted during export according to the export formats and devices in use.
User Views Various user views on a technical documentation such as publication, hardware and functional view are manageable.
Search Efficient search across the whole system based on metadata, document or illustration attributes are available as well as full text search.

Product Version:

  • HiCo ietdSuite® v6.x

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft SQL Server oder Oracle
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • HiCo X-Publisher® (for SGML-projects, print preview and rendering of PDF and MS Word)

Runs on:

  • Clients:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Server:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit)

For legally-binding information to the system requirements and operating conditions refer to the ReleaseNotes as well as to the user manual approved by HiCo-ICS.

3.CMS for future oriented IETD

Modern Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD) is characterised by efficient creation of documents. This includes easy to handle linking methods and ways to assign hotspots, either within or between documents.

The use of conventional content management systems (CMS) is often cumbersome. For example, users have to switch continuously between a database interface and editor. This makes working less intuitive and hampers the technical writer’s process of understanding.

HiCo-ICS Connector for Arbortext® Editor™ has been developed with the goal to make life easier for technical writers, especially when they do error-prone or monotonous tasks. Technically, this is achieved by extending the features of PTC Arbortext® Editor™ and integrating new modules.

  • Efficient and intuitive link composing via LinkCompositor. No more erroneous links.
  • CMS functionality, such as checking in, checking out, editing, preview, building of publication structures, is provided by ContentExplorer
  • Toolbars and menus are customizable; multilingual user interface
  • Elaborate template management enables simple reuse of contents
  • Effective change management and change tracking
  • Out of the box ContentPackages (DTD/schemas, stylesheets, templates) supporting international standards such as ASD S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200, iETD-ExportStandard
  • Advanced Help – context dependant help incorporating project specific documentation and guidelines
  • Hot Integration – Full integration of menus in PTC Arbortext® Editor™, a future-oriented SGML, and XML-editor
Linking Simple and efficient creation of links and hotspots via LinkCompositor
Integration Connection to a CMS (e.g. HiCo ietdSuite®) through a defined interface. HiCo-ICS Connector for Arbortext® Editor™ is an integral part of Arbortext® Editor™, which becomes manifest in additional menu entries and adaptable windows.
Different Views ContentExplorer shows different views of a manual or information/publication set. These are, for example, publication views, hardware views or functional views.
International Standards Given standards (e.g. ASD S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200, iETD-ExportStandard) are completely supported and integrated.
Template Management Arbitrary document structures and contents can be used to create a template and repeatedly inserted into documents.
Illustrations Illustrations are exported from the CMS and automatically declared and configured in documents. Insertions of multiple pages are automatically recalculated.

Product Version

  • HiCo-ICS Connector for Arbortext® Editor™ v6.x

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • PTC Arbortext® Editor™
  • HiCo ietdSuite®
  • (weitere CMS auf Anfrage)
  • HiCo X-Publisher® (for SGML-projects, print preview and rendering of PDF and MS Word)

Runs on:

  • Clients:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

For legally-binding information to the system requirements and operating conditions refer to the ReleaseNotes as well as to the user manual approved by HiCo-ICS.



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