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Certified Simplified Technical English Workshop for Quality Assurance & Product Support Excellence

Certified Simplified Technical English Workshop for Quality Assurance & Product Support Excellence

Certified 2-day Simplified Technical English writing and editing workshop in Holland

Dates: 4 – 5 September 2017

Location: Tiel, the Netherlands

Length of training: 2 days

Early bird registration: Before 7 August 2017

Sign up early to enjoy a 20% training discount

Deadline for registration: 21 August 2017


The use of Standard English, or whatever people regard as proper language even when writing documentation is associated with some common problems for users of your technical documentation. We find that many readers, many users of documentation get confused most of the time. That information is not being conveyed in a very clear, easy-to-understand way, and language can be part of that. The use of confusing words, ambiguous words, different words for the same thing, they all contribute to confusing the reader. Therefore, he is going to need more time to read, and hopefully still understand what we are trying to tell him.

ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English (STE) is a controlled language that is used to write technical manuals in such a way that they can be more easily understood by an international audience. Language standardisation helps us to achieve a number of benefits. We become more consistent on a word level that starts with the simple fact that we are going to use the same word whenever we refer to the same thing, so that means an improved level of consistency. The same happens to sentence structures or phrases.

It is important that operation and management information be understandable to the target audience. Sometimes, operation information is conveyed through a less-than-optimum selection of words. The manufacturer’s technical language can result in incomprehensible operation documentation.


Course outline*

  • Practical overview of ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English
  • How STE helps both native & non-native speakers of English
  • Writing rules and how to apply them in practice
  • How to use the general vocabulary
  • How to deal with industry-specific terminology
  • How to use STE for various documentation types
  • How to implement STE with minimal disruption to on-going production and existing documentation
  • Hands-on STE editing and review

* Shufrans also offers customised technical English training solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. These courses are normally provided at the customer’s premises or at our offices in Singapore.


Simplified Technical English in action

Who should attend?

  • Compliance managers
  • Communication managers
  • Content specialists
  • Content strategists
  • Content quality analysts
  • Customer support managers
  • Documentation specialists
  • Editors
  • Engineering managers
  • Engineers and SMEs who create documentation
  • Field support engineers
  • HSE managers
  • ILS managers
  • Information developers
  • International process managers
  • Operation managers
  • Product managers
  • Programme managers
  • Project managers
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Safety inspection engineers
  • Service & Maintenance managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Technical administrators
  • Technical documentation consultants
  • Technical information managers
  • Technical linguists
  • Technical publications managers
  • Technology services advisors
  • Technical writers
  • Translation managers
  • Translators

What training outcomes to expect?

Ms. Shumin Chen will teach participants how to correctly and effectively use STE in practice. She will also address some of the mistakes commonly found in technical writing and the frequently incorrect use of common STE writing rules.

Our interactive training, exercises and workshop, will teach participants to standardise content to:

  • Author more efficiently
  • Communicate more effectively with a global audience
  • Improve operational safety and reliability
  • Reduce AOG / downtime
  • Facilitate machine and human translation
  • Facilitate modular writing and reuse
  • Facilitate teamwork
  • Maximise consistency
  • Optimise product lifecycle support
  • Reduce the cost of creating and maintaining technical publications

Trainer’s qualifications

Ms. Shumin Chen, principal trainer & consultant at Shufrans TechDocs received her professional on-the-job training in the field of STE under the tutelage of Dr Frans Wijma, a linguist and documentation expert. Together as an experienced global team, they provided their combined knowledge and dedication to benefit customers worldwide. To date, they have provided training and consultancy services to over 180 companies. Shufrans TechDocs is the only company with such vast experience in providing certified STE training.

Shumin has supported various companies with their STE and other documentation needs, based on standards where possible. Although STE was developed for the aerospace industry, more specifically for aircraft maintenance documentation, Shumin found that it made a lot of sense to apply the same principles to other industries and types of documents as well. Few -if any- changes to the specification are necessary to adapt STE to industries ranging from machinery to IT, automotive to medical equipment.

This training workshop is organised in collaboration with Foxiz BV, our preferred training partner in the Netherlands.