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As we all know, a picture can often say more than a thousand words.


This applies equally to a technical illustration, although in most cases, text and illustrations should go hand in hand.

Professional technical illustrations have several advantages over photographs and engineering drawings. Illustrations show exactly what needs to be shown: no unnecessary details, but only relevant features. They highlight key components or actions and can even show parts or features that have not yet been manufactured.

Exploded-view drawings (2.5D) show all the parts making up an assembly or subassembly and are very useful when compiling parts lists or Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPCs).

Overview drawings (2.5D) allow users to familiarise themselves with a product and locate key components. User manuals typically should contain at least one overview drawing.

Detail drawings (2D or 2.5D) show individual components and/or actions. There may be one or more detail drawings for each task, procedure or action. User manuals typically contain at least a few and sometimes large numbers of detail drawings.

We can also help you create 3D models that allow you to view a product from any angle and zoom in at a detail without any loss of quality. Such models also serve as the basis for animations.

We can use a wide variety of input data to base illustrations on: product samples, photographs, engineering drawings, sketches, etc. Supported software packages include Autocad, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Freehand, CATIA, IsoDraw, SolidWorks etc.


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