Why DITA-XML based documentation matters?


DITA is an XML based structured authoring system that increases the efficiency of content reuse, single-sourcing, and content management. Migration to DITA is required for any large, medium or small business enterprise that is looking to reduce costs in content management and handling legacy content, while enhancing content search capability for users.








Structured vs. Unstructured


Although DITA-XML based structured solutions may seem like a relatively high-cost investment at first, using unstructured documentation methods may prove to be a slippery slope towards costlier, ineffective documentation solutions. We can certainly help you assess your organisation’s existing documentation system and make the most out of the current methods from a DITA-XML perspective.






DITA-XML training


DITA-XML training is suitable for professionals with little or no knowledge of XML and DITA as well as experienced users.


In association with our partner network, we offer certified DITA-XML training classes worldwide. Our solid expertise in various authoring tools, content management solutions (easyDITA, DITAToo), documentation standards (DITA, S1000D), and project management training helps us deliver high quality training content to our customers.

We provide DITA-XML training that leverages your structure based technical writing skills. This certified training course prepares you for any DITA based technical writing project. DITA knowledge is one of the most sought-after technical writing skills on the job market. As a result, obtaining such training from industry professionals is equally important.

Relying on our extensive experience in DITA-XML training and implementation, we offer a comprehensive training curriculum that will prepare you to work on a DITA project as an individual contributor, as a team member in a stand-alone authoring environment, or in any collaborative documentation system.

DITA-XML training is suitable for professionals with little or no knowledge of XML and DITA as well as experienced users. The training includes:

  • DITA-XML Basic
  • DITA-XML Advance

DITA authoring tools that we work with include:

  • oXygen XML Author/Editor
  • Adobe Framemaker
  • ArborText Editor
  • xMetal Editor


DITA-XML course outline

  1. Comparative Study of Structured & Unstructured Documentation
  2. Concepts of Information Design & Content Reuse
  3. Introduction to DITA
  4. Tools required in DITA
  5. Why XML instead of HTML?
  6. Principles of Structured Authoring in XML
  7. Strategies & plans to write in DITA
  8. Understanding DITA XML elements, attributes, and tags
  9. Understanding DITA authoring environment
  10. Creating DITA XML Content
  11. Updating DITA XML content
  12. Creating DITA Projects
  13. Managing profiles
  14. Managing DITA contents using DITA CMS
  15. Working in collaborative environment

Deliverables include

Adobe CS5 1 month trial version, DITA-XML handout and certificates upon successful completion of the course.



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