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S1000D is the global standard for technical publications in the aerospace and defence industries. It prescribes the information structure of the documentation, based on a common source database (CSDB) and the use of XML or SGML.




Customised solutions based on your needs


Shufrans TechDocs can help customers to work according to the standard by providing training, consultancy and system integration services as well as the appropriate software tools. Where possible, we will use modular solutions.


S1000D lets you reuse your content efficiently through single source publishing, manage information easily, find information swiftly, and publish in several formats. Shufrans TechDocs can also help  by creating S1000D data modules for you.



HiCo iLS.Suite™ supports ASD S1000D® and ATA iSpec 2200




ASD Specification 2000M (S2000M) is a standard that specifies the information exchange requirements for most materiel management functions commonly performed in supporting international projects. S2000M is based on a business model agreed between military customers and industry suppliers.


Using a common data set, S2000M defines business rules to be followed at various stages of the materiel management process and provides various sets of standard messages that are to be used by business partners to exchange information in an unambiguous way.


Originally developed for the support of multinational military aircraft and aerospace projects, S2000M has been evolving continuously over the past 20 years and is now used by the military (airforce, army, navy) as well as commercial aerospace (airlines, MRO’s and suppliers).




Shufrans TechDocs can help you with the implementation of processes and software to comply with the S2000M standard and make optimum use of it.


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